PT. Icon Agry Teknikal (IconTech) is a consulting company that has been running since 2020 and was authorized on January 31, 2023, is a consulting company engaged in agriculture broadly, to build and develop agricultural potential, survey, agricultural capabilities, engineering, procurement, development or maintenance in the agricultural industry. In addition to monitoring ecosystem restoration and forest monitoring in maintaining or increasing carbon absorption, rehabilitating marginal lands, construction, etc.

PT. Icon Agry Technical (IconTech) also seeks to support the development of advanced and competitive agricultural business units so as to improve the welfare of farmers, SMEs and the community.

Efforts to achieve superior performance are carried out by each work unit in an integrated and synergistic manner, so that they are able to grow and compete well. The entire business is based on the values of cooperation to maintain sustainable business relationships and assist customers in achieving their goals, including Commitment, Integrity, Balance, Excellence, Relationships, Teamwork and Innovation.

Customer trust is one of the important factors that we apply with full sense of responsibility and performance in order to obtain mutually beneficial cooperation.